Wings Done!

Another long lost update to the blog!  Although this time I have a better excuse.  I haven't updated before now because everything that I have been doing in between this and the last post has been pretty boring.  Not that it's been boring to work on, per se, but rather it's almost the exact same tasks I've already blogged about, just more so.  So rather than post about how I've sanded ANOTHER 40 ribs, I figured I'd just wait until there was something more interesting to see.

I've finally finished the main construction on the four wing panels.  This includes most all of the wooden parts, and just a few metal bits.  The only metal parts that are on there at the moment are either structural (like the trailing edge wire) or would be too tricky to install later in the construction process (like the little eyelets in the middle areas).  So with that taken care of, I can finally apply the stain and polyurethane to the wings in preparation for further construction.  Below you can see the completed wing panels.



Once the stain and poly are applied, I'll be able to rig the internal wires on the wings and apply various other braces and supports.  Here is a snapshot of the wing panels hung up to dry after being stained.


Stay tuned for more action-packed adventure!