Industria Mechanika Rook & MIG KV-2X Diorama

I had two resin kits that were of walking tanks. I took them both out, with the intention of deciding which I wanted to build and then figured, “Hey, why not build them side-by-side?” I also decided that since I was building them together that I should display them together. This called for a diorama build that took me on a few adventures with resin casting, electrostatic flocking and foam sculpting.

Over the course of this project, I learned a bit about building self-supporting resin kits, a bit about weathering with hairspray, and a bit about building my own flocking tool. All in all, it was a fun project and I am generally pretty happy with how it turned out. If you are interested in learning a bit about some of these things as well, check out the build log posts linked below.

Check out the build log posts here:

Walking Tanks Build Log 1
Walking Tanks Build Log 2
Walking Tanks Build Log 3
Walking Tanks Build Log 4

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