Inc in Grey

A good friend of mine, Neil Blevins, along with Bill Zahn, Stephan Bugaj, and a collection of concept art all-stars, have been working on an ‘art of’ book of sorts. For those unfamiliar, an ‘art of’ book is usually a book that contains the concept art for a film, television series, or something similar, i.e. ‘The Art of Inside Out’ or ‘The Art of Game of Thrones.’ The big difference here is that this book is full of art for a production that has not yet been made. They’ve been painting images and writing a story for a few years and this presented an opportunity for me to add my own bit of flavor to the mix.

I’d been interested in trying my hand at producing a garage resin model kit for a while, so that I could learn a bit more about the process. I talked to Neil about such a project and we decided that I would take his digital 3d model of the main character, who is a can-shaped robot, and see if I could turn it into a model kit.

What you see here is the result of that endeavor. This was the first full set of parts, assembled for Neil, primed in grey. It was put together under a very tight schedule, which is why he’s got a little plastic prop under his backside. The model is very top-heavy, and with those tiny little legs, tended to lean so far back that I was afraid that the legs would snap. Normally, I would probably try to figure out a better solution to prop him up, but Neil needed these photos ASAP in order to hit publication deadlines for the book, so a little plastic prop is what I went with ;)

If you are interested in a kit of your own, email me and I can give you details on cost, etc.

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