Adjustable Height Slab Desk

After working from home for a couple of years, I was ready for a refresh on my desk, to improve the look as well as the ergonomics. The base is an adjustable height set from iMovR and the slab is a claro walnut slab that came from Peroba, a nearby company that specializes in reclaimed and sustainable wood and slabs. I didn't have a slab flattening mill, so I went at the raw slab with a power planer and a belt sander in order to get it flattened (this was extremely messy). The bow ties are maple and the stabilizing fill epoxy is from Total Boat with a bit of epoxy dye added. The drawer fronts are made from the offcuts of the slab. Finally, there is a ton of under-desk cable management in place in order to attempt to tame the huge number of cables that keep all the computer equipment running and connected, and I switched the monitors to arm mounts in order to clear the desktop of the stands.

Sorry for the less-than-ideal photos, but the desk is big and my house is small :)

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