Watch Valet

I like analog watches. A while back, my wife bought me a valet to keep them in. It holds five watches and has a little tray on the front for other odds and ends. Over the years, as I've slowly grown my watch collection, I've run out of space to store them. Not wanting to get rid of the valet that my wife got me, I embarked on a mission to make a companion piece for it, that would generally match in style, allow me to store a good number of additional watches and also allow me to try a few new techniques. Those techniques included working with leather in order to make the inner tray and top surface as well as attempting a piano-black-style high gloss finish using automotive lacquers. You can see how it works together with the original watch valet in the final two photos.

The materials are MDF for the painted box and the structure of the interior tray, Honduran rosewood for the drawer front and curly maple for the drawer sides.

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