Model Airways Curtiss JN-4D Jenny

I originally picked this model out because I liked the engine. I really liked the idea of all those metal parts and the impressive level of detail that they promised. Just the shear level of complexity, through the whole model, was quite appealing. The other aspect that I was excited about was how the model took a great deal of its beauty from the materials from which it was made. Since there is no covering on the model, the wood, white metal, copper and aluminum can all be clearly seen and appreciated.

The build took roughly a year and a half, if you go by calendar start and finish dates, but there were definitely a few months in there where I was barely able to work on the project. My patience was definitely tried a few times during the build, as some areas (like the wings) became quite repetative and tedious. This was mostly my own fault, since I wasn’t content to just assemble the model as the kit instructed, but instead wanted to sand all the char off from the laser cutting and sand, seal, stain and polyurethane everything. Although it was a bit of a pain, I feel that the end result was worth it.

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