Long Lost Update...

At long last, I'm updating the blog again.  In the interim, I spent a week in Hawaii, played through Fallout: New Vegas, and have just been busy with life in general. But last weekend, I finally got back to working on the model again.  Here is where things stand thus far...

Pasted Graphic 101

Pasted Graphic 102

I've finished the wood work on one of the upper wing panels.  This includes both the wing panel and the aileron.  While the panal isn't DONE yet, it's reached the point that I'll need to stain and seal it, so I decided it would probably be best if I built all the wing panels and THEN did the staining and sealing.  Once that is done, there are a variety of metal and string parts that go on the wings as well.

Pasted Graphic 103

As you can see in the various photos here, I'm making slow but steady progress.

Pasted Graphic 104

Starting on the next wing panel, I'm taking a bit from what I learned from the first and making sure I have much of the sanding and fitting done beforehand.  This means that I've got to do all the monotonous filing first, but it should make assembly go much faster overall.

Here is a photo of a before and after wing rib.  You can see how I'm also sanding off the blackening on the edges of the cutouts.  This blackening is from the laser cutting of the parts, and I feel that removing it will add a bit to the scale fidelity of the model.  The drawback is that it's a royal pain in the butt, and some of these wing ribs are pretty fragile and are easily broken while sanding.  Hooray for super glue!

Pasted Graphic 105

Stay tuned for further adventures in modeling!