Below you may find links to both still images and my demo reels. I have linked to both my current reel as well as my reels from the past that got me my various jobs. My hope is that those looking for their first job in the industry might find these reels useful and/or educational.

Still Images
Demo Reels c. 2008

These are the reels that I used to get my job at Pixar Animation Studios. I decided to split my work into three reels, since they each represented a fairly different type of work. The film reel represented working in a large group, on a smaller portion of the film, or in a leadership role over a section of the work. The commercials represent faster-paced work, done in a smaller group, and in many cases I also supervised the technical aspects of the project. The modeling reel is just straight-up modeling work: turntables and wireframes.
Demo Reel c. 2003

This is the reel that I used to get my first job in the film industry, at a VFX company called The Orphanage.
Demo Reel c. 2000

This is the reel that I used to get my first job out of school. It shows my CG work, video work, film work and is generally MUCH too long. It makes me cringe now, but it was my foot in the door, and it was what I needed to get a job doing what I went to school for.
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