Hello, and welcome to my little slice of the internet. My name is Nathan Fariss. By day, I work in feature animation, and by night I dabble in scale modeling, photography, illustration and whatever other creative endeavors strike my fancy. This web site simply serves as my showcase and soapbox. It allows me to display things that I have made in the past, keep those that are interested updated on my current projects and also try to provide a few computer graphics-related tutorials where I feel I have something useful to contribute.

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HDRI Tutorial

Learn how to make your own HDRI on the cheap! My easy to follow tutorial will get you educated quick!
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Recent Illustrations

Not too long ago, I completed a few illustrations for Fortune Magazine. Have a look in the Illustration gallery.
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Walking Tanks Models

My most recently completed model project includes two resin kits on a diorama. Check out photographs of the completed project here.
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